Jason Campa


Short Biography:

I attended a four-year college and received a BA in Visual Arts Media at the University of California, San Diego. I also studied Writing and Sociology. From my academic career, some of my most recent work includes various projects regarding people from Hispanic communities, who either live or commute to the United States for work. The research I’ve gathered offers insight into these communities and how they deal with affordable housing issues, immigration and even becoming green friendly, all of which have been presented through shorts films and photo diaries, both published by the school and presented.

My career as a photographer began when I started working for the University school newspaper as a photojournalist. Since then my artistic approach to photography has always been a collaboration between style, structure and content. I have applied these skills throughout my travels to foreign countries, visiting rural countrysides and various indigenous tribes, as well as through my part-time work as an Event Photographer for special ceremonies and traditional customs here at home.

Cinema in my life has always played an important role as it has served both as a means for the ultimate escape and into a heightened reality. I also see it as an important vehicle for expression and communicating complex forms of perspective. Over the years the work I have done includes a number of experimental shorts, films that include choreographed dance sequences, narratives that can be categorized as dark-humor dramas, and short documentaries ranging from biographies to sociological material revealing the lives of Hispanics living along the US border.

Recently, I've been busy writing and collaborating with friends for future projects, most of which will eventually be published and available on the web.

*Pardon in advance for the website is still under construction.